Special Interest Groups (SIG's) and Committees

What is a Special Interest Group?

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) were instituted by the Board of Directors to better meet member needs and to enhance members’ participation in and value from their membership while supporting the Society’s mission. SIG's promote common interests of HIMSS members and provide an organizational structure within HIMSS through a virtual community so members can exchange information on shared areas of interest. 

Member Benefits

Sharing information, viewpoints and experiences within a special interest.

Identifies special interests and enhances collaboration with other SIGs and HIMSS communities.

Encourages member-initiated development of new activities and services.

Opportunities for leadership and the emergence of a spokesperson for an interest group

Society Benefits

Broaden the knowledge base and information exchange of pertinent industry information.

Develop a more effective representation of interests within the Society.

Identify and encourage new talents and leadership

Provide expertise in specific areas for HIMSS to draw from when developing new service

VA Chapter of HIMSS SIG's

Women in Health IT SIG

​Privacy and Security SIG

Digital Consumer Experience SIG