Women in Health IT SIG (WHIT): Unboxed Thinking

September 9, 9:00am, EDT - 4:30pm, EDT

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

1800 Lakeside Avenue
Richmond, Virginia 23228


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Early Bird deadline is August 15, 2019
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Women in Health IT SIG (WHIT):  Unboxed Thinking


What: KickStart Unboxed WorkshopTM


“I attended the Unboxed workshop and found it to be life-changing. I left with such a different perspective of myself and the boxes that had been limiting my success on so many levels. The workshop was fun, insightful and empowering! I highly recommend this investment in yourself! I’m so excited to offer this on behalf of WHIT” Cathie Brown


“No matter where you are in your life – career, relationships, family, health – Boxlore will encourage you to get unstuck and dig deeper to understand what might be holding you back from realizing your goals. Come with an open mind and you’ll be enlightened while laughing and having fun! You’ll leave with a renewed energy and optimism for life’s possibilities, a plan for next steps and an expanded network!” Claudia Butler

Topic: Thinking Outside Your Box

The UnBoxed WorkshopTM is a signature KickStart immersion workshop that challenges participants to become aware of and change: their mindset, as well as how they look at themselves and others.



  • Gain awareness of a few of the boxes (artificial and limiting boundaries in our lives, jobs and career, including:
    • Self-confidence (lack of courage in speaking up or idea sharing)
    • Creativity and innovation (fixed vs. growth mindset)
    • Risks (going by the book and not challenging the status quo)
    • Diversity and inclusion (unconscious bias)
    • Regulations (assumptions made about what can/cannot be done)
    • Roles (feeling limited in career by person/career role-based responsibilities)
    • Relationships (making assumptions around communication, interactions, social status)
  • Inspiration – hear amazing stories about how others have overcome challenges or made significant changes in their jobs and careers
  • Consider life beyond the boxes, overcome self-limiting beliefs and see what success can really look like!
  • Strengthen your network of support to extend beyond perceived limits


Logistics: September 9, 2019; 9am – 3:30pm at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, Richmond VA; Continental Breakfast and Lunch included; Followed by networking hour 3:30-4:30 on Azalea Terrace


Registration: $130 before 8/15; then $150 per person, members. $140 before 8/15; then $160 per person, nonmembers.


Who should attend: Men and Women in roles delivering and/or supporting Health IT who are interested in changing and expanding their mindset, working better in teams, establishing and building meaningful relationships and feeling empowered/successful in their chosen careers in healthcare IT. (i.e., CIO, CISO, Directors, emerging leaders)


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