2019 IT Student Case Competition

October 18, 7:30am, EDT - 7:30am, EDT

2019 Healthcare IT Student Case Competition 
Rules & Eligibility 

Any student (full or part time) at a Virginia college or university is eligible to participate. All students with an interest in Health IT regardless of major (e.g. MHA, MBA, MIS, etc.) are welcome. 
Students may collaborate with others, but the primary author (or authors) must be a student.   
At least one author must be in attendance at the conference during the presentation session. 

September 2019 | VA HIMSS 
Strategic Innovation Challenge 
As an industry, American health care has anticipated many challenges resulting from the aging, 77 million person Baby Boomer generation. However, as we attempt to meet the growing health and social care needs of this geriatric population, another wave of people is crashing against healthcare.  There are also 83 million Millennials (ages 23-38) who are becoming active healthcare consumers. Among other considerations, Millennials have unique preferences, expectations, and lifestyles that play a significant role in their healthcare.  Develop a presentation for VCU Health System (Richmond, VA) senior leadership that proposes how information technology can be used to provide the best healthcare to both patient populations.  Deliverable: Innovative proposals are to be submitted as a standalone, presentation slide deck of no more than 12 slides (not including the title slide).  Finalists will be invited to present at the VA HIMSS Fall Conference, October 22-23. Final Presentations at the fall conference may be given live in-person, via telepresence, or pre-recorded.   

Submit your presentations to domalley@liberty.edu by October 18th Present during the VA HIMSS Annual Fall Conference on October 22-23, 2019 

Additional Materials: