The Healthcare Information and Management Information System Society provides leadership in healthcare for the advancement and management of information technology. Founded in 1961 with offices in Chicago, Washington D.C., and other locations across the country, HIMSS represents individual and corporate members across the globe. HIMSS frames and leads healthcare public policy and industry practices through its advocacy, educational and professional development initiatives designed to promote information and management systems' contributions to ensuring quality patient care. Membership to the Virginia HIMSS (VA HIMSS) chapter is free and open to all registered HIMSS members. State membership also available.


Upcoming Events


11th Annual VA HIMSS Fall Conference & 4th Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament

Mark you calendar! Registration opens mid-summer 2015!




CPHIMS Credit Hours Available for attendees of the 10th Annual Fall Conference 2014

Please copy and paste this link in your browser to access the form:


CONTINUING EDUCATION HOURS WILL BE AVAILABLE for the attendees of our joint education opportunity project management class that is being co-hosted with the VA Chapters of PMI!


VA Chapter Scholarship: The call opened on Monday, July 6th and will close  on Friday, August 28th at 5:00 pm CT.  Winners will be notified in January 2016.  All of the scholarships are listed on page: